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I created The Speech Serenade because I know you are the kind of Tele-SLP who wants to be a PRO Tele-SLP.  In order to feel feel like a pro, you need digital materials that just simply work for teletherapy and practical teletherapy guidance.  The problem is that you don't have the time to reformat old materials, sift through pages of new digital materials, or learn basic troubleshooting and teletherapy adaptations on your own.  This leaves you feeling stressed and tired after your already long work days.  I understand stress and burn-out.  I've been there myself.  That's why I've spent 5 years as a Tele-SLP designing 150+ digital materials for teletherapy, writing 25+ blogs on teletherapy, and sharing my tips and tricks on social media. 

Here's how gathering teletherapy materials should look:  Download, Peruse, Use.  Here's how your teletherapy session should look:  Connect, Cue, Complete.  Get digital materials and teletherapy guidance so that you can stop stressing and wasting valuable time, and start being a PRO Tele-SLP.

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