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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The black-and-white, portrait orientation, supposed to be printed and cut-out nature of printable resources doesn't grab or maintain a student's attention in teletherapy. Let me explain Why No Prints are a No Brainer for speech teletherapy and in-person speech therapy.

Child in speech therapy

1.  No PRINT

Would you rather carry around your five different 20+lb therapy bags, or a small flash drive dropped into your purse? Would you rather rifle through the therapy closet or open up your computer, laptop, or iPAD that’s probably on the table right next to you?

That’s a No BRAINER!

Instead of printing, you’ll be opening up your digital resource in...

Adobe Reader

Apple Books

Internet Browser

Power Point

Other Application

And you’re ready to start getting in those trials.

2.  No PREP

Time is oh, so precious.  Too often our time during the work day is focused on the actions of getting ready rather than on the planning of therapy. Never have I ever printed, copied, cut, glued, laminated, or colored while using digital resources.

When a NO PRINT does require prep, it’s prep one time. It's saved, and you never have to prep that resource again.

That’s a No BRAINER.

3.  No Extra PROPs

Things you will not need with a NO PRINT:

  • The Jar of Pens

  • Art Supplies

  • Sensory Boxes and Bins

  • Ziploc Bags

  • Therapy Bags

  • File Cabinets and Folders

  • Printer

  • Laminator

  • Card Decks

  • Games and Game-Pieces

Not only are you saved from extra objects lying around, a NO PRINT often has multiple skills targeted all in one place. But an important thing about a NO PRINT is that skills are usually limited to one target per page. Having only one or two on a page is important because the images and prompts are big enough to see and orientation has been formatted properly. That said, there are some awesome NO PRINTs that have multiple skills targeted all on one page that are optimal for groups, especially mixed groups.

That’s a No BRAINER.


With all of the time and space you save with a NO PRINT, are you already starting to feel a little decluttered?  Gone is the to-do list to print, prep, and gather your props for therapy. NO PRINTs give you the freedom to do life and do therapy.

That’s a No BRAINER.


Last, but certainly not least, all of my students LOVE a NO PRINT.  Almost all of them are eye-catching with full color and fun graphics.  Most have some level of built-in interactivity, even static PDFs, too! When motivating students to complete tasks is no problem, my job to improve their speech-language skills gets a whole lot easier, taking some of the pressure off of me.  If a NO PRINT entertains and educates...

That’s a No BRAINER!

Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to the concept of NO PRINT materials.  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on how NO PRINTs have helped consolidate your work materials, work space, and time at work!

-Angela Hancock, MSP, CCC-SLP

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