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Praise for the "Boring Black & White SOAP Note Template"

Thank you for your excellent SOAP Notes resource, answering and replying promptly to my questions then creating a resource to meet my exact needs. I will use these editable notes in tracking in teletherapy and face to face therapy with children I see in my private practice. This resource will reduce the time I spend daily on my progress notes and I am grateful. I highly recommend your shop and your "service with a smile."

-Listen with Lynn

PIN Static Soap Note Template.png

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Praise for "NO PRINT Capturing Categories"

100% of buyers have stated that they AGREE or STRONGLY AGREE that their students were engaged.

Love this product, especially colors, shapes, and who. I have been using it with many of my kiddos, they request it over and over. The interactive feature is very motivating for them.

-Eileen C.


Praise for "NO PRINT Picturing Feelings"

This is a super cute pronoun activity with such a fun kids theme. I like how you included three parts. The receptive discrimination component and the open written sentence format for expression makes this suitable for my primary students that are a little older.



Praise for "Slumber Party Subjective Pronouns Boom Cards™"

I have really enjoyed using this product over virtual learning! The pictures are fun and engaging for students, and it helps me explain feelings through a virtual learning format. Would highly recommend!

-Jennifer H.

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Curious how I fell in love with creating materials for teletherapy?  Read the story!

Top 3 Best Selling Teletherapy Materials

Picturing Feeligs.001.jpeg

NO PRINT Picturing Feelings

This pragmatic language unit focuses on defining, identifying, labeling, describing, and problem solving feelings. 

FREEBIE Summer Following Directions - Lo

NO PRINT Multiple Meaning Words

TEACH definitions for 20 by providing one pictured definition and prompts. Then, differentiate by COMPLETING SENTENCES with an underlined multiple meaning word.

Winter Sentences.001.jpeg

NO PRINT Winter Sentences for MS/HS

If you're looking for a structured AND engaging activity for teaching sentence patterns, different types of conjunctions, and uses of conjunctions to formulate compound and complex sentences, this NO PRINT resource is it! 

I have created "one-stop" for my TOU. This file serves to notify all purchasers of my resources and materials of current TOU and any future changes. Click below to download.

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